Personal #6 - 2008 Summer To-Do List - (Edited)


Wonderland Caricature -Job-
(Dunno how often I will be working now... =_= such a shame)
2. Kendo
(May-June 4-5 times a week, 2 hrs sessions... I FINALLY BOUGHT BOGU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >w< ) 3. Painting Practice
(Mostly CG, sometimes I will be working with watercolour... once a week )
4. Animation Practice
(Webcam is coming! But I'll use Flash too. Probably 1-2 extra animation every month)
5. Lifedrawing
(Sunday nights due to job on weekdays)
Subway/Bus/Mall/Zoo/Whatever at Wherever Sketches
(Whenever~ Wherever~ *dances with Shakira*)

-Webcomic with Hyeing (not enough time)


-May 17-
Ok, the summer is not going to be that much fun, by having experienced few weeks of it already... I'm not doing anything at home except for going to kendo, watching anime, sleeping and eating... =_=
Conclusion: I NEED TO DRAW! DRAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (but I can't force myself.... I've drawn too much for the past 8 months and I need a good long rest... *gets punched*)


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