Review #1 - 2007-2008 Anime (Edited)

1. Library War (Toshokan Sensou:図書館戦争)
TV Series
Genre: Drama/War
Production: Production I.G.
Based on a light novel series "Library War" by Hiro Arikawa.
The world of 2019 is over-flowing with information. Fearing the misuse of these information against the government, the government decides to create an agency to restrict and controls the information from the citizens. However, a new agency called 'The Book Soldiers' is created to stand against this and to gain freedom of media. Kasahara Ikku, 22 years old girl with a height of 170cm, enters 'The Book Soldiers' to follow her Prince who saved her and her book when she was in highschool.
-Edited- It finally ended! The quality revived a bit at the last minute but I can't really say the last episodes lived up to the fame of the earlier episodes... *sigh* I think the story is good for a drama though. I guess this animation focused on character development. Other than that, a bit of a cliche ending (but warm enough for you to say "ahhhhh... that was a good ending") was a frowning factor for me although it was pretty much expected from the start. Will there be a 2nd season?

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ /out of 5


2. Soul Eater

TV Series
Genre: Action Adventure, Comedy
Production: BONES

Shinigami Technical school is specializing in weapon development. All the groups in this school must pair up with a human weapon and the weapon wielder in order to collect and 'eat' 99 evil human souls and 1 witch's in order to become the 'Death Scythe' which is used by the Shinigami

-Edited- "Let's keep watching~ Let's keep watching~ Let's keep watching~ "

Well, I JUST figured out that the story is very very shounen-style so some of the lines are too cheesy for me to digest. And some characters have very similar quality with other anime/manga characters. But other than that, I love the main characters. Such personalities! BONES will never perish.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★/out of 5

3. Real Drive (RD Senno Chosashitsu:RD 潛腦調査室)
TV Series
Genre: Mystery, SF
Production: Production I.G.
-Edited- One word. I GAVE UP. Too complicated... I'll watch it later -_ -


4. Sword of the Stranger (Stranger Mukoh Hadan:ストレンヂア -無皇刃譚)
Feature Animation
Genre: Action, Historical
Production: BONES

A group of Officials from Ming Dynasty of China comes oversea to Japan in order to find a boy whose blood is the vital material of a potion of immortality for the Emperor. A nameless ronin samurai accidently gets his foot in this situation and fights for the life of the boy.


Can't get enough of this animation. ALL HAIL BONES!!!

Although the story is too-predictable, the animation itself is... Masterful, Wonderful, Marvelous, Professional, Stylish, Too Good, Excellent... blah blah blah you get my point.

Everything blends well together: simple story, stylish background, strong animation and actions between well-distinguishable characters and their relationships.

The production itself took 4 years, starting from the showcase of 1-minute teaser from 2003 Tokyo International Animation Fair. It has attracted a lot of attention and expectations since then. And for sure, it didn't fail everyone. This one is a Must-Watch for all animation fans!

And the background music is .... I just fell madly in love with it! *drools* I'm like listening to it everyday in my computer (along with Library War ending ^^).

Overall Rating: ★★★★★/out of 5


In Part II, I'll be posting about Ouran Highschool Host Club, Darker than Black and Seirei no Moribito (if I watch it by then)


Piers said...

I'll have to check those out for sho!!! I've been told about a couple of those now, Library Wars in particular.

Bones I haven't heard. Interesting prospect tho.....

monster paperbag said...

I just saw Sword of the Stranger last week. It just plain blew me away. Dang.

Piers said...

Sweet, another friend dropped that name in a casual conversation. So many cool movies, so little time :)

basset said...

lol. i can see u going into a frenzie over the freedom to watch so much anime xD (GOOD ANIME)

basset said...

oh yea, and i heard that darker than black's producer manager ran away with the manuscript before it was finished =_=;;

Lee said...

darker than black was epic fail, started off good, but from the middle to ending really went downhill. maybe what Chang heard was right haha.

I've got that sword of the stranger movie downloaded, but haven't gotten around to watching it.