Summer 2008 - Toronto Zoo I

The goal that I had was to take one step back from reality and see the animals as characters. I was also looking to capture the specific characteristics of an animal and the very moment that the animal was in.
In one word, I was having tons of FUN~

(^ my favorite~ admire the massiveness! Although the rhino didn't really have the horn in reality)

(^ kinda got lazy so didn't bother to draw in all the patterns...)

(^ a kangaroo that slept on a tree)

(^ a trainer came in and tried to feed this wallaby but the wallaby was giving him the "wtf... I'm not that stupid, you human" look)
(^ this pig-like animal is called a wombat. It's a mammal that lays eggs(?) and I loved his expression, like he was too lazy to do anything)

June 2008

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