Review #2 - 2008 Anime and Movies

1. Kung Fu Panda


This animation hit me like a huge meteorite in my head. It has been such a long time since I wanted to watch one particular movie for more than 2 times! I really can't get enough of Kung Fu Panda even if I watch it five times! This animation always makes me to sit tight with my palms sweaty no matter how many times I watched!

SUCH A GOOD ANIMATION! SUCH GOOD CHARACTER DESIGNS!!! (And layout too!) I mean, who would not like Po and Shi-fu? And of course, Po's father who can't be more "Chinese"!

But my favourite is obviously a villain, due to my strange taste. I mean, OBSERVE THOSE MASSES OF TAI-LUNG AND THE RHINO GUARDS! *droolz* I can't get enough of them...

The layouts truly gave the Asian warmth and brightness, the story was simple and good enough for the characters to be involved with, but moreover the CG technique was superb. I was awed by the amazingly realistic fur skins of the characters (especially Po's soft-looking, so-touchable, so-strokable, furry, puffy fur) and the china dishes! The music I cannot say enough. If I had millions of hands, I would've put all of my thumbs way up toward the sky without thinking!

I have to say, Dreamworks surely did change alot from the Shrek series and other unnoticed animations that they did. Away from all those parodies, Dreamworks satisfied, no, went beyond what the public has expected.


...now, let's draw everyone...

2. Wall-E

Wordless... Truly wordless...

If Kung Fu Panda was Dreamwork's revolution and a challege to Disney and Pixar, Pixar's Wall-E is a traditional Pixar's amazing stuff. Amazing character performance and amazing simplicity! I mean, how can a robot, something that always gets accused of being cold and heartless, express so many emotions! You can count how many sentences were being spoken during the animation with your own fingers! I

I have to say, CG technique is still Pixar's stuff. Super-realistic quality, it forces the audience to actually feel like they are living in Wall-E's atmosphere. Too sophisticated to explain here. Go grab a ticket right now and watch it!

Gotta get the DVD of this one too...

But I have to say Kung Fu Panda is still better for me. I know Wall-E is much better than Kung Fu Panda but Kung Fu Panda is TOTALLY my style.

3. Ouran Highschool Host Club

After 8 months of brainwash that told me anime was bad for my health, I have come back with Ouran Host Club.

The first time I watched a clip of this anime was actually at Sheridan. After all assignments were done, me and my classmates were searching anime to watch. We went through Mushishi, Yureka 7, Evangelion and Ouran. When I saw it, immedietely the yaoi-alert went on my head. So I refused to watch more... -_-

I was bored after the school was done so I remembered Ouran and started watching it. And? Well... I fell in love with it. -_- I guess I was hungry for this kind of anime for a long time... And moreover, it was not 'that' yaoi afterall... it's the fans that make all the yaoi couples and other sorts of things *coughs* It actually had good animation for a school love comedy anime... especially episode 13 Haruhi in Wonderland. I'm using the captures of this anime for reference... teehee

anyways, our King Tamaki-sama is too stupid (like me!). "Gaaaah! Ore no kuma-chan ga!!!"

But I found these two more attractive than Tamaki as time went by... The evil ones, I adore you *smooshes* I am so telling you, I have some kind of relationship with twins in my life -_-

BUT I HAVE TO DECLARE TO THE WORLD THAT I AM DEFINETELY NOT A FOLLOWER OF TWINCEST!!! I am not really interested in yaoi anyways... =_= I just like the strong bond that these guys have and their fun-loving character

July 2008


basset said...

omggggggg i gotta watch those two movies >_>

nice to see u catching up on anime :D
a new one to look into would be "birdy the mighty DECODE"...........no idea why it's named like that, but the first episode was amaaaaaaazing (the way maury says it )

Alice said...

Ohhhh~~~ Eunisu~~ Your tastes match mine so perfectly!!

Although I thought Wall-E was too classic Disney - you know, the storyline I mean. A bit too sappy pour moi.

Read Ouran manga!!! I having been keeping up to date with it but it's still really good. Tamaki~~~~ So much Tamaki chara development.