Sketch #9

I was just brainstorming about doing an extra animation about the little group in my class... It's going to be a short, funny, eyecatch-like animation that introduces each member and their characteristics or relationships. Maybe I'm going to do it in a veggie-mode... (if you know us, you know what I'm talking about *winks*)

Chang wants to do a similar thing =3= Should we co-operate and make one, big animation or do it separately... (But obviously Chang's animation is going to be way better than mine OTL)

I don't know how to categorize this... Is it a caricature? Characters? Or just a doodle? (I go for the third) Just don't throw rocks at me because they don't look alike... I was doodling from memory, long before the summer... >_<^This is Domee... enjoying her Nintendo DS

^ This is Chang... Her t-shirt says' VEGGIE ROX'

^ These are the twins... You know who's who...

^ This is... me?

^ And a little extra. My sister! (with her new Wonder Girls hair style) She really likes my drawing of her... Her face takes literally less than a minute to draw!

I tried drawing Adri and Apu but my memory failed me

August 2008
(Omg I just noticed that all of us here have small eyes! Asians... *sigh*)


basset said...

hey why are u the only one who looks cool? i don't hav slanted eyes =_=

jk jk. ALMOST SCHOOL!!!!! YAAA!!!

Lim said...

hey i dont look cool i look rather relaxing.... =3=