Sketches #10

First, some caricatures of the church people during a picnic.

^ He actually looks like this! I'll post up his photo later for comparison

^ Yes, the person is being blessed by holy spirit

^ And an earlier version of my sister! I always thought her hair was like a fountain...

Next, a bit late but caricatures of some of the Beijing Olympic players.

^ Left is Ludwig Paischer, a Judo player for Austria. He is so well-mannered in the court!

And the person in the right is Tae-Hwan Park, Korea's youngest swimmer! I think he's the same age as me and he broke several world records! When he was winning gold medals, I was playing computer games OTL

Third, random doodles that I did some time ago...

^ My sudden obsession with ant-eaters...

^ I want to learn Aikido next summer! >_<

August 2008

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melly said...

i love you <3
but it's true..
i do look like that XD