Sketches #12

Just bored during some classes that I have... (I shall not say which)
And so I started drawing the teachers...
^ Practice on Bruno, our sound teacher... He's cuter than Chrish Walsh! (I'm sorry, Chris)
^ Art history teacher. He's skinny but he has an awkward beer belly...;;;
Then I started drawing classmates too...
^ Layout teacher Scott Caple... And the eye of truth from Hyein's back (if you know FMA)
Then I felt like drawing myself...
Back to mindless, thoughtless doodling

^ 하라는 공부는 안하고!

^ Just got addicted to drawing fat things with chunky limbs...

^ Story teacher Nancy Beiman, and a short animation keys for fat buddha (?)

^ Takkyeon-boy! Lots of kicks!

^ Let's give Takkyeon-boy a teacher... ('sabu' means 'master teacher' in Korean)

September 2008

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Leon JO said...

하라는 공부는 안하고!!!

lol just kidding.
Aaah i love all the sketches here.