[2nd Year] Animation Project #3 - Walk and Run

Walk and Run cycles of two different characters and their interaction. The first walk (more like a sneak) is really long so you might have to wait a while (15 seconds!!!) until some change in staging.

I was mainly experimenting with smear drawings in this assignment and it was fun! I am quite proud of this animation... devoted almost 3 full weeks (but I skipped so many extra life drawings... how shameful)

I'm going to add one more scene at the last and maybe animate more actions for the girls for my final demo reel... I'll post the newer version as soon as it is finished.

This one is with background music. (I didn't do this because I had so much time in my hand. It was a sound project)

By the way, am I still the only one who regularly updates their own blog?

November 2008

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Emily Pickett said...

I regularly update. Haha.