Personal #10 - 2009 New Year's Resolutions

Oops, it's now 2009. And I really don't feel anything different, except for the fact that I'm 'eating' another year and have officially entered my 20's. *screams*

Anyhow, I looked back at my 2008 New Year's Resolutions and came up with one sentece to wrap up the year 2008: "I was young and my blood was boiling -_-" I mean, how can I even dare to go to the zoo every month? And me losing 10 pounds? It was hard enough for me even to maintain the current weight for a year! When I look at the resolutions right now, I didn't even achieve half of my resolutions. FAIL.
But then again, I guess it means I became more realistic as the year went by.

Here are my so-called "realistic" New Year's Resolutions for 2009. I don't know how realistic these are going to be. har har har.

1. Focus on Animation and Character Design
2. Improve on CG and Painting
3. Life Drawing 3-5 times a week
4. Caf Sketches everyday
5. Read for 20 minutes everyday (Except for art books and my toilet-reading time)

1. Exercise at least twice a week, an hour each
2. Lose 10 pounds/4 inches (Long-term)

1. Europe trip in Summer (Or Quebec for tight-budget)
2. Intern and Part-time during Summer
3. Work in an authentic bakery (I know it's odd but it's one of my to-do-at-least-once-in-my-life)
4. Learn Aikido and continue Kendo during Summer in JCCC
5. Start web-toon!

I was thinking, since my school life was strictly limited from studio-class-home I was lacking certain depth to my life. It's not like I need to get philosophical or psychological about my life. I don't need more complication in my life. I just thought there are other things to improve on than just animation such as relationships with other people, leadership skills and so on. It's like I'm missing one vital piece that will make my life more active. Maybe I'll need to make a hobby that can be done while doing all that school work.

Well, here's the thing. I wish there was a Kendo Dojo or any kind of martial arts Dojo nearby in Oakville with cheap fee so I can shed(?) some sweat once a while but then again there are no 'cheap' things for college student with OSAP loans and Oakville just had to be a big, crappy country-side that forces you to be stuck in one place forever unless you have a car and enough money to pay for the parking and fuel. (Try saying this single sentence in one breath)

Why not go to the school fitness facility that is 'free' for me? I hate running, especially when you're looking at your reflected fats jiggling everytime you run in the mirror. And the people who work out there somehow scares me. Don't ask me why. I don't even know for myself either. I don't know why and how the whole topic changed from being 20 years old to 2009 resolutions to fats jiggling in school fitness center.

Anyhow, to anyone (hopefully someone who checks out this blog somehow) who has successfully read this entire post, I congratulate you and thank you for reading my crap-ticious jibberish and have a happy new year!

P.S. To those who are waiting for my drawings (like who would) I reveal the truth for you. I went to Quebec trip with my family, wasted the whole day walking around getting lost, tried to draw the next day but it snowed and the paper got wet and my hands froze so I spent the rest of the days shopping for $9.99 clothes, and I got pissed off at my family members too many times during the trip so I just couldn't draw.

Alright, I admit. I just didn't feel like drawing and I still don't. But I'm pretty sure it will come back. It will... soon...

^ Here is the proof that I went to Quebec

Omg. I just figured out that posting this long thing when there are so few people actually 'reading' my post, it feels like I'm talking to myself. *sobs*


Tooninator said...


Hope you have a great 2009. I started mine out poorly (hungover in bed) Now post some art!!

Domee Shi said...

Woo~ Looks like 2009's gonna be an interesting year for you! :) Working at a bakery sounds fun! Gimme some freebies if you ever get the job, lol

basset said...

yo! we're all goin' to the gym together, so let's not be afraid of muscly people! =_+

Jamie said...

lmao! effing hilarious post, Eunice. i hear ya on the "fat jiggling in the mirror" issue. lol good luck, you can do it!

Lettie Lo said...

i read through it! ur blog makes me smile! i miss being 2nd year and having all the ambition. it felt like graduation was so far away and there was endless time and possibility for learning everything i want to. i wish u luck, i believe you can do it!

Lwang said...

I read this stuff :) haha yess I wanna work in a bakery someday in my life too!! (or maybe dessert/cafe place... yum)

Lim said...

omg so many people actually read this thing! *tears* thx alot guys