[2nd Year] Character Design #5- 4 Different Character Archetypes (Sketches)

These are some of the studies and sketches I've done before finalizing the designs.

Well, to tell the truth I really didn't need that much research for this assignment. I mean, when I saw 'Medieval Times', I was like "FINALLY! MY WORLD HAS COME!"...

I was seriously obsessed with Medieval times for about 3 years. And you know what that means. I still have the references with me. They are about a phonebook thick haha.

Expression sketches. I used some of them in the final pages.

^ This guy is an extra that I just came out for fun. King Richard the Lionheart! Brave, passionate, wild and justful but a bit dirty?

Now, costume studies done from books and photos.

Other early sketches

^ Almost finalized Guilden

^ Finalizing Matt

^ The earliest Matt. Looks too weird!

^ Early Matt and Guilden

^ Early Matt and Guilden 2

^ Early Ahmud. A bit older than final one.

^ Just coming up with various situations. You can actually see one of my character's death here.

^ Early Guilden

^ Early evil merchant

^ Early Guilden 2. He uses a wooden stick instead of a longbow in the final design.

^ Quite finalized merchant

^ Almost finalized merchant. Just needed to make him more 'square'.

^ Merchant's knight bodyguards. I like that design with eyes only showing underneath a dark helmet.

^ Finalized Guilden

March 2009


Anna Bron said...

wow Eunice, thanks for sharing these!!

Dan Sprogis said...

Really, really nice post, very informative about your character creation process. So helpful!