[2nd Year] Storyboard Assignment #6 - TV Boards Beat Boards

This assignment's purpose was to create clean TV-style boards with one particular sequence in the story.
The story is about 2 dragons fighting each other to see who's the better dragon: who destroyed more towns, who can breath fire further, who ate more knights and who has prettier princess etc...
The hero is the fat dragon who always gets provoked by the sly villain dragon. The comic relief is the stupid knight who tries to kill the dragon and save the day but always gets kicked around by the dragons. The loved one is just random princess
I was actually thinking of my story being shown in TV as one of those afterschool cartoon episodes. It was fun... imagining...
^ Conflict: I'm better than you
Two dragons are arguing in the middle of the town square.
^ Resolution #1: Yes, you are.
Villain captures more knight than the hero.

^ Resolution #2: Third person wins.
The dragons destroy each other and the comic relief knight accidently becomes the hero who saves the town from total destruction, as well as the princess.

April 2009

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