[3rd Year] Group Film Project - Concept Arts

So I am finally participating in the infamous 3rd year group project, where everyone is expected to hate their own idea and hate other people or the entire human race. (Yes, humans are disgusting D:)
I heard of all the pain and frustration that the previous 3rd years went through and I said to myself that I would be better, I would be more professional. I was so confident in the beginning of the year that my group will make an amazing film and we will never ever hate each other.
As several weeks passed by, I found out that I was seriously WRONG. Not only I faced clashing problem with other people but I never thought I would become the person who doesn't appreciate the idea that the group voted for and doesn't get inspired to do the work. I struggled to get my mind working before but now its easier to deal with.
Our group went through lots of problems with the story. Everyone was confused, frustrated and tired. Now, we have settled down with a general flow of the story. But we still need to tighten it up. We are still not 100% sure what's happening in the story. It will be well after Reading Week that we will be fully convinced.
Until then, I will just let you enjoy the drawings without any explanation.

Our old story consisted of a monster. For these designs, I referenced 'Where the Wild Things Are'.

October 2009


Skim said...

nice stuff!! The drawing of you at the top is too adorable

Chris Kim said...

Niceee stuff :) Especially your take on the monsters ha ha

basset said...

wow we still don't hate eachother, so you're not completely wrong...