[3rd Year] 24... hours...

Let me explain myself here. *Ehem*

The Amazing Ashlyn (I love you, Ashyleen) organized 24 hours film event in the beginning of reading week. I signed up for it and I'm telling you, I was EAGER back then. But you know what's gonna happen right before reading week. Assignments, assignments, assignments... And you lack sleep, nutrition, brain cells, sanity and just about everything. I was seriously lacking the 2nd attribute: nutrition. I tend to not eat when I'm busy because I get really really sleepy after I eat so I say to myself that I would sleep for just 15 minutes but that 15 minutes would become 30 minutes and that 30 minutes would become an hour and so on. It's like the never ending nightmare. On the day of the event, I was good up till the storyboarding. I actually planned everything and I even finished the layout. Only thing left was animation. But my lack of nutrition and lack of animation experience drained all of my soul out from my body and I suffered, suffered, suffered. So I went home. It was just past the 6 hours from the starting point. So there you go.

In other words, I FAILED MISERABLY.

...actually, I'm planning to continue this after the semester is done. Until then, this is all that I can show right now.

October 2009

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