Now I don't know how to name the title...

The usual historical doodles. I suddenly wanted to draw the three kingdom guys. The youngest guy from the three...I thinks the name is Zhang-Fei? He is perfect for me to draw :) I imagine him to be short and chubby :D

Oh yeah, and I watched Thor few days ago. The visuals were really nice. Their armor and the  background images of Asgard were pretty cool. It was a cool adaptation of Norse mythology with Sci-Fi aspects. But the story was crap :)

It was weird because my view of Thor was so different from the movie's presentation. Look at the middle part of this drawing tapestry. That was my interpretation of Thor. Kinda cute, eh. According to the mythology, he rides on a chariot pulled by goats ;) 

Why do I always imagine hairy men to be short and chubby? I don't get it... because I find them fun to draw? 

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chang said...

these are so *you* =_=