[2nd Year] Animation Project #6 - Human Lip-Synch

This one is actually my 2nd one. The one I had was completely different and it was longer, but I didn't like it. And that was 4 days before the due date. So this newer one is done in what, 3 days? Well, it came out pretty good, better than the last one so I'm happy. Omg I really hate my last one, I don't want to show it to anyone. It's too shameful to watch.

Febuary 2008


Anonymous said...

Hey!!! I'm Olivia =)
Seems like you're having a lot of fun at school haha! I like this clip hoho!

Chris Lee said...

hey, neat animation! i like the gestures alot

eunzi kim said...

ur Drawings are so cool~~~ an ur animtaions are so fun! =DDD
love it!!