Sketches #19

Wow. More than a month of no sketch uploads! Forgive me, I'm really low in ideas theses days and I get caught up with the heavy school work load.

Anyhow, I begin with my favourite hobby: drawing bare-chest guys. *gasps*
But I can't help it! Especially after the muscle test!

And the one below is the clean-up version? Haha, I really got nothing to do... *sigh*

And now, something entirely different. Character idea for the next animation assignment: Human lip-synch! This character is a charicaturized character of a person that I know from last year, although this image is from my memory. Would anybody guess who it is?

Tip: You can find his name in my Sheridanians links (although he took his own photo down so you won't see his real face...).

This picture is the most accurate one... Me thinks

Febuary 2009

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