[2nd Year] Character Design #4- Muzzle and Beak

These... are my infamous (well, at least for me) animal characters with muzzle and beak. Not only did I get a bad mark (a.k.a the asian fail) for this assignment, somehow I couldn't come out with good enough ideas. Still don't know why. It will remain as one of my life's mysteries forever.
Just to not confuse you, this assignment was done before the 4 character designs.

Well, at least now I know where I want to go. I really want to concentrate on character design. And I guess animation and storyboard. Those three things are the subjects that I really enjoy and I wouldn't mind doing them for my life.

Febuary 2009


sanwin said...


I am really sorry because I can't give any suggestion.

I think, u r think is great.
Good blogging......

Lwang said...

hahaha love the hummingbird XD