Sketches #20

I'm just drawing what I want to draw. I'm just drawing... drawing... drawing...
(...and watching Romeo's Blue Skies)

^ This one is from last summer. A Korean Warrior

^ Natsume Yuujinchou fanart!

^ Topless guys are back in the menu!

^ Can't wait till Kyudo workshop this summer!

^ I want to do Longbow archery too, but it's too expensive...

^ Other option for previous character design theme was Victorian. I was doing light sketches based on what I saw when I peeked over my friend's drawing.

^ Storyboard characters! This time, I'm going to upload the uncut version of the entire sequence boards up on the blog since I'm actually having fun with this idea. I need to cut the length of the sequence because the assignment requires maximum of 40 boards and I'm pretty sure that I'm going to go way over.

March 2009

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