[2nd Year] Character Design #6 - Sequence

6 sequential drawings when the character (previously designed) sneaks and does something that he/she is not supposed to do, shows glee but gets caught by an onlooker and feels guilty at the end.
Read from Left to Right: upper left -> lower middle -> upper right (in case of confusion).

Wow... I just wandered around few of sheridan people's blogs and man... I feel so... BAD! *goes to the corner and cries*
I guess I'm the only one who feels very unmotivated right now... Really, I don't feel like animating! I feel like going outside and playing with soccer ball! Or sleeping.
Maybe I'm not born to animate everyday like some people *sighs*
Hopefully, the summer can help me renew my passion. I'm looking forward to this summer but I'm also extremely unsecure at the same time. It feels like everyone is getting an intern, everyone is creating great demo reel and here am I, writing useless shits in my blog. (Actually, I don't want to write my essay right now) It feels like I'm being chased.
I'm trying to calm my self down, saying to myself that I'm just a second year right now (going to third year, yeah that helps alot) and I will get better as I live on but damn this competitive mind. Someday I'll die because of this perfectionism.

April 2009

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Tooninator said...

hey....pick yourself up. This stuff is da shits lol