[2nd Year] Animation Project #7 - Muzzle Lip-Synch

Lip-Synch with muzzle character

I wonder how many people can feel the pain that's engraved in this animation. I've been dragging this animation for too long.

I'm not very proud of this one. Nothing's special about this one. I only like how the bear says 'I could crush you' but nothing else. I should have more force when they're crushing together and especially when the bear pushes. It should have waaaay more force and better timing but I burned myself out.

I'll probably re-do this assignment. I'm gonna practice more lip-synch this summer anyways.

That's why I don't want to do inteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeern... *sobs*

April 2009


agnes said...
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agnes said...

Bear is great C:

Caroline Hung said...

Aw, 언니...The bear's really awesome, but the whole animation seems really meticulously done. A lot of your effort really shows, even though you might not be happy with it. <3

Good luck with your summer endeavours.
아자 아자 fighting~