[2nd Year] Life Drawing Final Portfolio

Final Portfolio for 2nd year!
Here's the story:
Until the beginning of the 2nd semester, I was extremely stressed with life drawing. I couldn't analyze the figure nor simplify it until at one point, I decided that I should care less about life drawing. From then, I began to see life drawing as an exercise and tried to link it more with character design. As a result, I'm quite satisfied with what I got this time. Although my tonal and drapery needs more careful work and attention, I think I'm beginning to see the figure in simplified shapes.
Hey, I have the whole summer for improvement!
^ Nudes and Costumes

^ Anthromorphs

* I just noticed that my life drawing pads are colourful~

April 2009

1 comment:

el said...

Your figures are awesome!
I particularly like the 1 at the top left.

Keep up the great work!