Summer 2009 Part 1

It's July already... and what have I done for 2 months? NOTHING!!
Some pictures from my aikido class... aikido is fun~ it's not stressful like kendo since aikido doesn't have competition. the only competition is with yourself. (front roll grrrrr)

I'm taking a bit of watercolour class with my old korean art teacher...
first time learning watercolour! they all look noobish but i had fun with it...

Some outside sketches...

Don't laugh, but i didn't know that when i use salt, oil, aluminum foil etc, it creates cool effects on watercolour! (what am i, an elementary student?!? OTL)

flower~ i don't like flowers =_=

So there you go, that was the summary of my May and June... *sigh*

1 comment:

basset said...

dang eunice, cant get over that super artsy zebra drawing >_>;;

and man u really gettin' the hang of this watercolour thing

and damn, that juju song is stuck in ma head cus of u!... not that its' a bad thing...ofcourse not :P