Summer 2009 Part 2

Another post! Now I'm slowly getting back to drawing 'regularly'... wait, I think I have to draw 'everyday' haha OTL
Right now, I'm in love with this J-pop singer called JAY'ED. He has a very nice, soft voice~

I watched Star Trek few days ago. Despite my fear of Sci-Fi, I managed and it was actually really good! I mean, it's rare for me to actually understand what's going on in the movie -_- The plot was simple but most of all, the actors were the best! I like all the characters in that movie!!!

Even the bad guy Nero is cool >_<

Bones chasing Kirk with a needle

Celebrating Kirk's capture of captain's seat

Kirk and Spock

Some simple arm studies...

And more watercolor studies! The one below is actually older than the upper one. All are about 2 hours long.

Went to the zoo recently, didn't really have a good day =_=

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