Sketch #23

concept junks that I always draw whenever I'm bored, for my so-called future project haha;
I don't think people will understand these drawings and they don't really need to know... at least not for now since nothing's ready for public viewing yet ^^;
Well, I drew most of these in the bus, subway and before I go to sleep. Drawing is like a sleeping pill to me. I mean, I used to draw every night on the bed, right before I go to sleep when I was in middle school and highschool :)

Interesting man found in the subway

SHINEE! One in the left is Tae-min and the right is Min-ho!
I grew a habit of drawing on lined notebooks during the summer... I found my doodles not worthy of living on a clean, blank paper *sigh*
oh man, I really want to draw children's picture books...
July-August 2009

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