[2nd Year] Character Design #5- 4 Different Character Archetypes

My chosen theme is Medieval Times, specifically about Children's Crusades. And the characters we had to create were the hero, the one that hero loves (it doesn't always have to be the 'love' interest, it can be a pet, a family member, a friend etc), the villain and the comic relief.

My background story is very gloomy, unlike my happy-looking designs. Most of the characters die... I'm telling you. It's because of all the stress and extremely low self-esteem that I was going through when I was coming up with the story. If anybody wants to know the entire story, maybe I'll post it up with some idea sketches later on. Now when I think about it, I might use this story for a web comic this summer.

Anyhow, end of the gloominess. I like how the colour came out to be. I think my colour sense improved a bit... a little, tiny bit...

^ Size relationship with short descriptions

^ The Hero: Matthew

^ The loved One: Ahmud

^ The Villain: William the Pig

^ The Comic Relief: Guilden

March 2009

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Tooninator said...

WOW. I love these all. Really great stuff, Eunice.